Thursday, June 06, 2013

AirAsia Airline

Just got home from my first travel abroad! Glad I was able to make it before the expiration of my passport  :-) and because I was living under a scanty budget, I joined friends in the University embarking into the nearest foreign route -- Hongkong. We chose the cheapest round trip promo rates available online at Airasia, there was no direct flight from Davao to Hongkong so we had to go to Clark to catch the Hongkong route.

At first, I had a slight reservation about this airline because aside from being new, its reputation is not yet established due to its very fresh operation in the Philippines, but I did not stress out my brain analyzing what might happen when we're up on air, I just trusted God that He will guide us for this adventure.

So finally, on May 31, 2013, on a sunny Friday afternoon, we left Davao International Airport with Airasia. I was closely observing the movement of the plane hehehe! I kept my senses alive, I did not take a nap like other passengers.

Oh well, it was great, the aircraft did not sway up on air, no rattling above the clouds, or maybe because the weather was fine during our travel so we never experience any abnormalities. We safely landed at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport at the Clark airbase at 4:20.

On the following day, we left Clark for Hongkong at 6:25 in the evening, the sky was so calm and quiet and the clouds rested like lovely cotton balls in the atmosphere while Airasia peacefully navigated the skyline of Luzon. I did not feel any bumpy stuff up there, the travel was peaceful and steady, no unnecessary movement of the aircraft and before I could finish the biscuit I was eating, the crew announced the preparation for landing at Hongkong international airport, wow! That was so fast and relax! Hongkong air travel from Clark took only one hour and forty minutes.  

Airasia's international pilots and even their domestic pilots are really well-trained because the aircraft did not bang when it touches the airport ground, it was a very smooth landing, felt like we just glided. They knew exactly how to maneuver an aircraft, very safe and sound.

I memorized the names of Airasia's pilots so that I can thanked them here for keeping us very safe during the flight. On our way to Hongkong, the pilot was Captain Kintanar and on our way back to Clark, Air asia's pilot was Captain Francisco. The flight attendants were also nice, very accommodating and approachable. They have a very good service too, both on board and at the ground.

It was a very relaxing air travel. I have a full trust with Airasia now, it's a beautiful plane to travel internationally. 

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